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Barbara McLeod is a representational artist, working in the media of traditional oils and watercolour, painting both in Plein Air and in the studio.  Her interests lie primarily in landscape, heritage structures and street scenes.  She is drawn to capturing the light in her works.    

To compose a painting, she spends much time doing field studies of the subject matter, first developing sketches on location to acquire the knowledge of the directional lighting of the day and the interplay of shadows, noting other detailed information about the elements of the subject.  If weather permits, a painting will be done on site, otherwise it is continued in the studio based on the knowledge gained on location.  She strives to reflect the mood and emotion initially felt with the inspiration to do the painting.

As a member of Central Ontario Art Association, Barbara has gained knowledge from numerous professional artists over time and feels that these artists have been instrumental in her development as an artist.

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